Friday, October 19, 2012

A letter to innocence(not quite)

Dear me@16,
This letter will reach you just before you hit the worst time of your life. But it’s alright, as you won’t be this young ever and you will grow up quicker than you will realize. And one day, 7 years down the line, you will find yourself writing a blog about how you could have done things differently. At that moment, you will be short of words while being busy of finding better excuses.

I understand you are not sure about what you want to do with life. Chill……You are not the only human blessed with the superpower of indecisiveness. All around you are confused, they just pretend that they know the roadmap you must take. At this point, you might be confused about what to take, science or arts. Take arts. You are way too awesome for science and math, and way too good to have a *secured* future. Accept it; you are ‘head over heels’ in love with History and Literature, and you are a closet philosopher.

Pay attention to what I am saying as I reckon you don’t listen to anyone. I know you better than anybody ever will, moron. At this point, you might be basking in the glory of being termed ‘cute’ by girls. Here is a reality check; you will be quite a disaster, when it come to relationships. Disaster is a small word, you will be catastrophic. I am going to assure you, it won’t be for the lack of trying. You will be having a string of “relationships” (I won’t give you the number, you will become giddy) but none of them will work out. Here is a small advice from your wiser self, show a lit bit more patience with a few girls; it will pay-off eventually (hopefully). You are Gemini; you will always have a way with words but show a little bit more patience.

Spend more time with your father; he won’t be around for too long now. Appreciate the man that he is and share everything with him. Somewhere down the line, you’ll realize that he is your best friend and will always remain like that. You will still shed tears for him, even seven years down the line.

Look after yourself. You are already quite heavy (that won’t stop you from having the girls), workout, run, swim, do anything that will tone you done. A back problem is coming up, so be prepared.  Get in touch with your old friends, coz you will turn out to be someone who will keep losing friends. Learn to make friends, you will need it. Send a common “thank you” letter to all your teachers and tell them what they meant to you (yes, even to the ones you hate or vice-verse). You are not as bad a poet. You could have been worse but don’t give up the art of penning down lines (or typing down words). Keep scribbling. Learn how to play the guitar (I know it’s an old ambition) and please, take singing classes, you do have a good voice. Don’t remain a glorified bathroom singer. Enjoy the Durga Puja as much as you want right now because a time will come when Durga Puja will stop being exciting for you. You must be wondering, ‘this is not the swinging 20’s that I am imagining about’. Nope, it isn’t. You can imagine how you will turn out when you will cancel weekend dates for a particular Football club you support. I won’t spoil the fun for you anymore.

Enough of lame advices! Moreover, there’s no point in talking sense into you anyway.

No matter how much I try, nothing will change. You will commit the same mistakes I did. You’ll learn the same lessons that I learned and finally turn out to be Me@23. It’ll be a fun ride, though at some points you will feel otherwise. Trust me; it won't be that bad. And the one fine morning (1.30 AM), you’ll write what you are reading right now and commend yourself for having an active memory. Like they say, it’s all written……in destiny or on my blog.

Your very own,

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  1. "Innocence most often is a good fortune and not a virtue"- anatole france
    impressive ,thoughtful :-) keep up the good work